Hey Guys! I have a cute treat box tutorial for you today. I am loving the new Cracker & Treat Box Dies from Stampin’ Up! This cracker box is so easy to put together, makes and adorable treat AND has a whole set of banner and tag dies that makes this set a must have.

The cracker treat box is great, but don’t over look the accessory dies. You are getting more than your money’s worth on this set. It feels like getting two for one.

Speaking of getting two for one, have you seen the new Fish & a Wish Bundle?

Check it out in the new Stampin’ Up! Catalog on page 70. Did you see the sample on page 71? It’s the little fish turned into a lemon!? I love the bundle as fish, but as lemons?! COME ON!

That’s brilliant.

I did the stamper math on the A Fish & A Wish Bundle and it adds up to buy the fish and get the lemons FREE!

Enjoy the tutorial video how to make the Cracker & Treats Box and turn fishes into lemons. Thank you for stopping by today, I will see you next week.

CLICK HERE to get your Pink Lemonade Cracker Treat Box Project Sheet