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A Muse Studio really is my dream job!

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With A Muse Studio I have been places I never thought I could go.

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Would you like to talk about joining A Muse Studio?

If so, you can call me 847 922-6795 or email me. Let’s talk.

The new catalog is beautiful and exciting – 2014 – 15 A Muse Studio catalog. Your wish list is going to be huge!

It is only $99 for everything you need to start your A Muse Studio business PLUS you receive $99 in your choice of FREE product!


Oh, by the way…If you only want a great discount on the craft you love and are not interested in a business – that is ok!

Think of it as the Costco or Sam’s Club of Crafting. It’s $99 to get started, that is your ‘membership fee’, but you only pay it once – not every year! You get your $99 ‘membership fee’ back in free product on your first consultant order! As a ‘member’ you see it all FIRST (like the new Holiday Catalog coming September 1st) and have access to all the great A Muse Studio products at 20-40% off all the time!

See what the starter kit includes and to join Amuse Studio CLICK HERE, then click Start a Business in the upper right corner.