Hey Guys! We had a really cute treat box on Facebook LIVE today. I go LIVE every Friday at 12 noon Central Time. We are working really hard on getting a good Stream Yard feed for YouTube LIVE too. It’s getting better each time!

CLICK HERE to check out the Facebook LIVE replay. The video clears up after about a minute.

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When I saw the Cup of Tea Bundle from Stampin’ Up! I knew immediately that would have to do a treat with Matcha (Japanese Green Tea) Kit Kat bars. I finally got around to going to the Japanese market to get some last night!

If you do not have a Japanese market near you but you would like to experience these imported Kit Kat bars, CLICK HERE to check them out on Amazon. Japanese Kit Kat flavors are awesome. I need to get me some chocolate orange Kit Kat next, they look so good! I didn’t see them at the market, but I was targeted on the Matcha flavor.

This box will hold the American Fun Size Kit Kat bars. CLICK HERE to check out a Hello Ladybug version with a white chocolate American Fun Size Kit Kat. It’s just as cute as this little tea theme box.

Thank you for stopping by today! I hope you enjoy the video tutorial and free printable project sheet.
See ya next week!


3/8″ Velcro Dots, source Amazon – CLICK HERE or try these, CLICK HERE if Velcro brand is out of stock. The second ones are Amazon Choice and the ones I will try when I need to reorder.

Green Tea Kit Kat, CLICK HERE on Amazon

Corner Chomper, source Amazon – CLICK HERE

CLICK HERE to get your Cup of Tea Fun Size Kit Kat Treat Box Project Sheet