Hey Guys! Camp Wanna Stamp 2017 was a smashing success and SO MUCH FUN! Here are some pictures of our day. Thank you to everyone who attended here or TO GO. This picture above is of me before my campers arrived for the day.

If you got a TO GO kit, it is going to the post office as soon as I am done typing! You can access the videos for all the kits here.

I have one more To Go kit left – we almost sold out. If you want the last kit, you can register here and I will send it right out to you.

Campers at work!

These are some pictures of my campers hard at work! They worked up an appetite.

Stamping in Chicago

Staying fueled…

I made sure there were plenty of snacks and refreshments including fresh homemade zucchini bread. I will share the recipe on the blog soon! Thank you for keeping us well stocked in chocolate Lori!

Lunch was homemade sloppy joe and my famous broccoli salad. You can find that recipe for the sloppy joe here on my blog. Thank you for the potato salad Jean, thank you for the and zucchini tomato and avocado salad Rhonda.

Craft til ya drop!

Look at these happy campers! We stamped til we dropped.

It’s all about the flair!

I think it’s appropriate to wrap up with this picture, one of my favorites from the day. This is Rhonda sporting her Camp Wanna Stamp badges from this year and from previous years too! Go Rhonda. I like your flair!

Thank you for stopping by today! Thank you for all the ways you are involved with my business and support me. I am so tired and so full of appreciation! Now, off to the post office!