Stampin Up Silver Elite
Hey Guys! I got this Silver Elite Certificate of Advancement in the mail this week for my promotion in April. This certificate acknowledges four titles in just six months.

I debated whether or not to share.  I decided to take a pretty picture and share with a simple word of thanks.

Thank you to a good God from whom all blessings flow.

Thank you to my loving and supportive family!

Thank you to my AWESOME team. I am so honored to have each one of you with me. I hope that you know, in everything I do, how much I care and want you to succeed at YOUR goals, whatever they might be.

Thank you to my customers. It hasn’t escaped my notice that you can choose to be ANYONE’S customer, but you choose me. I am blessed. I hope I can always measure up to your expectations. I care deeply about pleasing you!

Thank you to my biggest fans and best friends. You know who you are – you encourage me with your words and actions every day. I am not worthy. You have carried me through and I love you.

I am overwhelmed with emotion today as I count my blessings. Thank you.