Chocolate Treasure Chest Tutorial
Hey Guys! Here is a quick tutorial that has nothing to do with make a card or A Muse Studio – but it sure is fun with the Anchors Aweigh stamp set and a pirate theme party. I came up with this cupcake topper idea and design all myself – no pinterest involved here, this is all me. LOL
Chocolate Treasure Chests Pirate Theme DIY Party Tutorial
Chocolate Treasure Chest Tutorial
Step One:
Unwrap TWO Hershey Nuggets per treasure chest.
Step 1
Step Two:
Cut each set. Cut the top third off of one nugget making both sides flat. Cut the bottom third off of the second nugget leaving one side rounded. This pair makes a chest (flat sides) and a lid (rounded side).
Step 2
Step Three:
Melt a small amount of chocolate chips in your microwave. Stir at 30 seconds and every 10 seconds until melted. Spread a small amount of melted chocolate on to the edge of the nugget of which you cut off the top third. Use the chocolate to adhere the nugget of which you removed the bottom third. Adhere with the rounded side out and up making the chest with lid as shown.
Step 3
Step Four:
Spread some melted chocolate on the flat surface inside the chest.
Step 4
Step Five:
Sprinkle with Wilton Gold Nonparallels.
Step 5
Chocolate Treasure Chest Tutorial
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