A Muse Studio Rosette Dies
I love fall! I love crunchy leaves. I love walking the neighborhood with my kids on Halloween. I let my children dress up in costumes that don’t offend or frighten. I take them walking the neighborhood. We knock on neighbors doors and trick or treat. I have the best neighbors and street and neighborhood. One of our neighbors always sets up a tent and has hot dogs, chips and cookies for the neighborhood kids. Is that a trick or a treat?! I look forward to the cold cheeks and excited chatter of children. I live in the same community as most of my family. I feel nostalgic when I knock on my aunties doors and trick or treat them with my children the same way my mom trick or treated them with me when I was a child. I love running into my sister and her kids while we roam the neighborhood. I love how we always run into my cousins and their kids or my aunts and their kids and grand kids while we trick or treat! It’s our tradition and I love it. Here is a little something I made to get ya in the mood for crunchy leaves, sweet treats, cold nights and excited children.
I made another video tutorial for the rosettes. I love how our straws can be used to support the rosettes and thought I would show you how to combine two great A Muse Studio products; the Rosette Die Set and Paper Straws. Wouldn’t that rosette on the straw look pretty in a cake?!
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