I never get to go anywhere

I was sitting here thinking about what I wanted to share about the A Muse Consultant opportunity. I said to myself “What problem does joining Amuse solve?” More specifically “What problem did starting my A Muse Studio business solve for me?” I was thinking maybe if I share how being an A Muse Studio consultant solved my problem – you might also see a solution for your problem.
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Being an A Muse Studio Consultant has had many benefits for me. Benefits like, money to contribute to my family, all the stamps, inks, dies and cardstock a girl could EVER want, I have made good friends – I mean life long friends, and have the opportunity to model financial independence and entrepreneurship for my daughter. One of my most treasured “solutions” from my A Muse Studio Business is the opportunity to travel. My husband works hard and he provides for our family but there just isn’t money in the family budget to travel. I want to see the United States. There just wasn’t money or opportunity to go – UNTIL A Muse Studio. Now I have so many great opportunities. I get to go! Here are a few photos from a recent trip to St. Louis. I did a Rubber Stamp Events show there last year. (And plan on being there again this year!)
Getting there is half the fun – right?! Certainly! Those are my feet on historic Route 66. I have never been on Route 66. I can’t tell you how good it felt to have that first time experience. I love my job.
A famous landmark – I got to see it with my own eyes! For real. Cool.
I have never been to St. Louis so we spent some free time in Citygarden. Quality time with my daughter and friends in a place I would never get to see if it were not for joining A Muse Studio and doing the work I love.
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