A Muse Studio Consultants Wanted

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Would you like to know how to become an A Muse Studio Consultant? Have you thought about joining A Muse? Linda Carnell, President and CEO of A Muse Studio, will be hosting opportunity calls on the following dates:
*Wednesday, March 20th – 12:00pm Pacific time (3pm Eastern)
*Monday, March 25th – 9:00am Pacific time (Noon Eastern)
*Saturday, April 6th – 12:00pm Pacific time (3pm Eastern)
Join the call by dialing 1-646-307-1300, Access Code: 2216602
Hear from the President and CEO about why it’s never been a better time to join A Muse! Be prepared with questions and you can get answers directly from Linda herself. After the call feel free to email or call me and we can talk about getting you started with our energetic team of work hard, play hard A Muse Studio consultants!
Amuse consultants wanted

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Hi, I really love your videos, very informative and the projects r so cute! Was wondering, how do you set your camera up for filming? Is it from the front? Planning to make some of my own soon and I don’t have an extender arm for my tri-pod, tried doing the video from the side and felt like my hands were just in the way. Thanks for any tips u can send a fellow future you-tuber!

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